Writing for Newsbreak; or How I Learned to Stop Writing There and Love Medium More

Brad Razorfed
5 min readMay 19, 2024
Representation of how it feels writing for Newsbreak

I went from consecutively and consistently making four digits a month on Newsbreak to barely making double digits. Are we witnessing the death of Newsbreak?

When I first signed up for Newsbreak, I felt like a kid with a new toy. A writing platform that caters to independent writers with a focus on covering their local area? Sign me up! I was ready to take on the world on an app I already use, and felt even better when I realized how easy their monetization options were.

I would say this is where I got a harsh wake up call, but that comes later. The first 6–7 months after being approved for monetization were great. My work was being seen, and I was seeing great returns. My work was being republished by other outlets, I was starting to get taken seriously as a local independent journalist and was able to use this to my advantage and get some pull in the local music scene to cover shows, album reviews, etc. I thought I had found my home as a content creator.

Then it started to slowly creep in.

That “wake up call” that I mentioned before was warming up and getting ready to scream at me.

Slowly, I noticed my views were down and I thought, “No biggie. That just means people aren’t interested enough to click on…